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     Weekly religious article
                                          Edward Proffitt, Th.D.


   God dried up Jordon 

                   "God dried up Jordon" Joshua 4:23

                                                        Edward Proffitt, Th. D.


I think there are those who think the Christian life is like a fairy tale, They think you adept  Jesus Christ as your Savior then you can live happily ever after, and you will never have another crisis in your life. But there is so much life for any of us while we are here on earth. It does not matter: 

   ***If a person is rich or poor.

   ***What country a person lives in.

   ***What family a person belongs to.

None of us are exempt from the problems of life --NONE---no one is exempt from the sorrows of life.


As you read through scripture you will notice something. You will notice all of Go's choice servants face the same problems we do. For example look at the life of Elijah the great prophet of God. He faced some of the same kinds of problems we face, but during the time he faced crisis God took care of him. God took care of him during the time of crisis in Joshua chapter 4. He did so by using three things. A Stream or Brook, some Birds, a Widow Woman.


THE FIRST THING GOD USED WAS A BROOK TO PROVIDE FOR HIM. But one day Elijah looked at the brook, and discovered it was drying up. Can you imagine the dazed look on his face as he watched the brook? The brook went from full flow, to a trickle, to a dry creek bed. If Elijah had been like some folks he would say BAD LUCK HAS SET IN. Some people believe and gauge their lives by luck, BAD luck and GOOD LUCK. But in Christianity LUCK is not what determines our destiny. 


However that which God used to sustain Elijah was no longer there. So what will Elijah do Well God had already made provision for him to be fed by the widow woman, (1 Kings 17:1-9). Lets look at a couple of things in those verses. Things that can teach us about living through crisis when the brook dries up:


FIRST. ELIJAH WAS EXECUTING THE WILL OF GOD WHEN THE BROOK DRIED UP. As a mortal we seem to have a mistaken idea that with the crisis means we are out of the will of God. But listen, there are times God sends crisis because we are walking in His will. 


One of the clear teachings of the Book of Jonah is a danger of getting out of the will of God. It almost cost Jonah his life, Elijah did not suffer because he was out of Gods will. Actually, he suffered because he was in the will of God. Elijah was faithfully serving the Lord when he faced crisis. He faced them as he was doing exactly what God wanted him to be doing. So we can conclude; doing God's will does not exempt from trials of life. Elijah was executing the will of God when the BROOK DRIED UP.


SECOND. ELIJAH WAS ENJOYING BLESSINTS OF GOD WHEN THE BROOK DRIED UP. Sometimes it seems God's blessings are so great that we must be in heaven. There is a ride that I have seen at theme parks, the ride is like a big barrel that about 30 or 40 people can walk into. Then they stand in place around the wall, the wall and the barrel starts spinning, it starts slow, and it gets faster and faster. It gets so fast that the centrifugal force presses the rides against the wall, then the bottom falls out and you find yourself suspended in the air.


Christian life is sort of like that ride. Christian life is fun at times, it is hilarious at times but watch out, sooner or later the bottom will fall out and you better be ready when it does. Our lives are not dependent upon anything tangible in this life, but they are dependent upon God. God is sovereign over everything in our life. God can and will use crisis to prepare us for greater service.


Maybe as you read this article you are thinking your brook in life is gone dry, or at least it seems to be going dry. If that is true let me assure you of something, if you are doing the will of God, this is not the end, it is only God preparing you for greater things. God does not want you to die in your DRY BROOK SITUATION. He wants to take you from DRIED UP BROOKS and help you to become greater. If your life seems to becoming dried up, KEEP YOUR FAITH IN GOD, for He has something GREATER FOR YOU.

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